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Nike SB x Concepts Dunk Low Pro OG 'Purple Lobster' Shoes

Marking the 10 year anniversary of the original Nike SB Red Lobster Dunk, Concepts and SB come together again to offer homage to their inaugural collaboration with a Voltage Purple colour edition. Since the ’08 release, the Lobster series has been lauded by the sneaker community and can be justified as a defining brand moment for both parties. With the collaborators throwing a blue colourway into the works in ’09, a yellow ‘friends & family edition’ and teasing potential palettes with the Lobster aesthetic appearing on the Kyrie 4, now in 2018, it’s time for a rebirth. Clashing red and blue together, the Purple Lobster Dunk remains authentic to key design elements of the original release, with aesthetic features including a classic Dunk padded tongue, accented metallic wrap-around stitched Swoosh and introducing a speckle printed tonal suede upper for a custom finish. Providing you with a personal touch, Nike has included three sets of shoelaces; black, white and pink, with two sets of the iconic Lobster Claw rubber toe bands and picnic blanket-inspired patterns on the sockliner.

Paying dues to the birthplace of the Concepts brand - Cambridge, Massachusetts plays a major role in the inspiration of the Lobster Dunk. Synonymously a lobster fishing community, the niche profession lends itself to the design and custom colour aesthetic. Concepts creative director Deon Point has gestured that meaningful storytelling remains a key factor in the collaborative designs. While commenting on lobsters and adding fuel to the purple flame, Point added “There’s versions in colour variations, depending on the depth of how far a lobster can go below sea level. And, theoretically, there are lobsters in colours that haven't been found yet.” Could we be seeing more colourways? 

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